Xero training

The dashboard is the first screen you see when you login to Xero.  The dashboard is the central hub of the application that provides a glance of how your business is doing.  Invoices owed to you, bills that require payment, bank balances, cash flow graphs and more.  Don't forget to customize the dashboard so you only see information relevant to your business.

Customizable overview of your books


The first step to setting up your books is connecting your bank account.  Make sure you select the appropriate starting date for when you want to begin importing transactions.  Typically we prefer to walk our clients through this process over a screen share.  Please call us if you have any issues or questions connecting your bank account.

Bank transaction details auto-populated

Connect bank

Reconciling and posting transactions is super easy in Xero.  Remember that the transactions are posted and reconciled automatically at the click of a button.  If you have an outstanding bill or invoice, Xero will match the payment to the invoice, mark the invoice as paid or collected and reconcile the bank transaction.

Begin posting transactions


You can invoice and email your invoice to your customers directly from Xero.  Customize your invoice consistent with your brand, and set up Xero to automatically populate an email so you don't have to draft an email every time.  Xero will track your outstanding invoices and indicate who is late on their payments.  

Invoice customers right from Xero


This is an optional functionality.  If you have determined you want to use this feature, you can track amounts you owe to your suppliers at any given time, and even begin initiating those payments with integrated applications like Plooto in Xero.  This is also a useful feature for businesses who want to pass these costs to their customers and include them on their invoice.

Pay your suppliers

Paying bills